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EK2G Vision – Kids maximizing their God-given gifts to find and fulfill their purpose in life.


EK2G – Exposing Kids 2 Greatness

– A non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth around the world in their pursuit to excellence through one on one mentoring

EK2G Mentoring Programs

EK2G mentors motherless and fatherless kids allowing kids all over the world to be exposed to inspiring Christian mentors, musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Each EK2G participant will learn ways to keep stretching themselves towards success, how not to be complacent, and how to simply enjoy lifes journey. EK2G is a firm believer that “the journey is always sweeter than the arrival.” Ek2G participants will also learn to develop relationships and to be accountable for demonstrating belief in their own dreams.

A Call To Empower Our Kids

In the early 1960’s, approximately 5% of all children were born into homes with absent fathers. By 2004, that number had grown to 25%. Today, one in four children in America grow up without a father in the home. That statistic translates to more than 25 million children in the U.S.

The cost of fatherlessness.

Study after study shows that kids without a positive role model are more likely to engage in antisocial behavior.

  • 72% of all adolescent murders are committed by children who have grown up in fatherless homes. (Josh McDowell, author and lecturer)
  • Over 70% of prison inmates in America grew up in homes without their fathers (Josh McDowell, author and lecturer).
  • 85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes (Center for Disease Control).
  • 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes (National Principals’ Association Report on the Statistics of High Schools).
  • 75% of adolescents in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes (Rainbows for all God’s Children).
  • 70% of kids who live in state institutions are from fatherless homes (U.S. Department of Justice Special Report).
  • 85% of all kids locked up in youth prisons had no father involved in their lives (Texas Department of Corrections).

Mentoring: One Solution.

In a Landmark study on mentoring, 1,000 kids were taken from a mentoring program waiting list to be studied. Five hundred of the kids were matched with a mentor, and 500 were not. In just 18 months, kids matched with a mentor were 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs, 33% less likely to engage in violence, 53% less likely to skip school, and 27% less likely to begin using alcohol.

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