Why Women Should Try Crossfit


Crossfit is a fantastic workout, and if you’ve tried it then you likely know at least a few of the benefits that you can enjoy while being involved in it. This form of exercise is great for everyone, but as a woman, you can come across some challenges when it comes to finding the right… read more

Challenge Yourself Everyday

Crossfit is one of the most challenging workouts that you can participate in. The workouts will push you till you think you’ve hit your limit, you will sweat to the point that your clothes are soaked through, and your body will ache for days after you’ve completed a workout. While this is the case for… read more

How Helping Others Makes You Healthier – Part 3

Lifting weights is good when you’re doing it for yourself, but imagine lifting weights so that you’ll be physically prepared to help construct a home for a family. Don’t you think you’ll lift harder without even having to try? At CrossFit 2 Serve, we have discovered that the best motivation is not a great body… read more

How Helping Others Makes You Healthier – Part 2

People have many different reasons for working out, but most of them align with the pursuit of feeling good. Physical activity is phenomenal because it delivers both physical and emotional rewards. Many people are satisfied to stay there, working out to feel better about themselves. While this is admirable, they don’t know they’re missing out… read more