Cort Payne 


Originally from Dallas, Texas, it wasn’t until Cort moved to San Jose, California to play junior college baseball in 2008 that he stumbled upon Crossfit. The sport quickly grew on Cort, and it became a regular hobby. After Cort was finished with junior college, he received a scholarship for baseball at UNLV.  He moved to Las Vegas and started on his path to earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology and working toward his dream of a career in professional baseball.  However, shortly after moving to Las Vegas, Cort suffered a shoulder injury. Cort was able to channel his passion for baseball into his passion for Crossfit. He wanted to help people be the best they could be and begun coaching Crossfit throughout college. When Cort graduated, he was offered a job as an Exercise Physiologist at the Children’s Heart Center. He has used his passion of Crossfit to help in the fight against child obesity. Cort has received his Level One, Crossfit Kids, and Coaches Prep Course Cert. Cort is very excited to be coaching at Crossfit 2 Serve, and hopes to continue to share his love for Crossfit with everyone.


Leonard Ubalde 

Raised in Las Vegas, Leonard discovered Crossfit through high school sports, particularly wrestling. The toughness of Crossfit grew on him alongside his desire to overcome the pain found within wrestling. Similar in the way it punished the body, Leonard continued to Crossfit even after his days of wrestling, and started to polish his Olympic Weightlifting technique in order to become a competitive weightlifter. His primary goals are to win national titles and make it into a world team, eventually leading up to the 2020 Olympic trials. Afterwards, he would love to continue his work as a biomechanist and help teach others the most efficient and effective way in exercising and moving their bodies in both Crossfit and as an International USAW coach. He is a certified USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, and is working on his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at UNLV as well as other Crossfit and USAW certifications.


Lauren Koemans

Lauren grew up in Montana playing basketball and running cross-country for her high school. She has always been passionate about health & fitness which is why she pursued studies in Human Performance at Corban University (Salem, OR) and has been an ACSM certified personal trainer since 2011. She also played 1 year of basketball for Corban and ran 2 years of track (steeple-chase) & cross-country. It was during basketball at Corban that she was first introduced to CrossFit and fell in love with its intensity, competitiveness, and community environment.  Once she moved to Las Vegas in 2012, she started working in animal physical therapy at Las Vegas Vet Specialty, which combines her love for fitness and love for animals in a unique way. Once she found CrossFit 2 Serve, she started working out there with the intent of learning more about CrossFit and becoming a CrossFit coach, and of course now she’s hooked, because CrossFit does that to people. In July 2014 she obtained her CrossFit Level 1 certification and is excited to share her love of CrossFit with others. Lauren finds health & fitness very important, and wants other people to realize their value and through that to experience how CrossFit will change their life. She has found CrossFit to be an excellent way to achieve results, both physical and mental, and appreciates that CrossFit is applicable to any age and any sport. In her opinion, faith, family, and fitness are three of the most important pursuits in life, as it is those three things that cultivate most every habit and character trait for living a better life. She and her husband are very involved in a local church, where her husband is the worship leader and she helps in children’s ministry and leads community outreach. Besides CrossFit, Lauren enjoys running, hiking and outdoor adventures and (unfortunately) ice-cream. She and her husband adore their three-legged kids, a Chihuahua mix named Willow and a Border Collie named Porter.1