For those who follow baseball, spring training is almost here. The first group of players to show up for spring training are always the pitchers and catchers. The reason it is important for pitchers to be the first players to report to spring training is because they are the ones who benefit most from it. Unfortunately, it seems like perhaps they either need more training time or better training techniques as at least 50 percent of pitchers will fall prey to some sort of shoulder injury during the course of a season. We can make the argument that baseball pitchers could lessen the possibility of a shoulder related injury by utilizing crossfit training.crossfit gyms Henderson

There are those who have huge concerns about the training practices and techniques of pitchers. It is no secret among baseball players and their fans that pitchers are a different kind of group and really don’t like working out. That is, pitchers believe their skill is all in their arms and don’t focus on other aspects of their bodies when in training. Let’s face it, pitchers even hate running. But we feel if that attitude changed and pitchers began a crossfit training, not only would their game improve, but we bet it would cut down on their injuries.

There are crossfit programs that focus on shoulder training that would certainly benefit all baseball players but especially pitchers. Crossfit can produce optimal shoulder performance for all baseball players. If you are a baseball player and want to enhance your overall game, we highly recommend a crossfit program. Stop by our Henderson crossfit gym and sign up today!