CrossFit as defined by Greg Glassman, the founder, is, “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.” The key is the workouts always change, and so does the intensity, meaning you’re working different metabolic pathways, which are intended for different results. Your body is kept constantly guessing, fueling fitness, energy, strength, power, and health.

CrossFit is not just for adults; CrossFit is perfect for kids of all ages as well. Fit2Serve CrossFit in the Las Vegas area offers CrossFit Kids’/Teens’ classes for ages 3 to 17. With coaches certified in coaching CrossFit for Kids, your child will be introduced to the sport and gain valuable skills for the future. Contact us today.


  • Promotes physical fitness at a young age. Enrolling your kids in Fit2Serve’s youth CrossFit classes will promote a life-long love of health and wellness. The workouts are scaled for age level and fun. We incorporate games and songs into our daily WODs and keep class sizes small.
  • Promotes good technique early on. As we all know, kids learn exceptionally quick because their brains are wired to take in as much information as possible and process it in order to survive. Learning good form is critical early on, especially with the Olympic moves. It’s much harder to unlearn bad habits and form than to learn proper form early on.
  • Promotes progressive learning. Nothing is as satisfying as being able to do something you couldn’t do three months ago, such as a pull up or climbing a rope. These are moments that will likely stick with your child for a lifetime — especially if he or she continues with the sport of CrossFit.
  • Promotes self-esteem and self-confidence. Piggy-backing off the last point, being able to do things physically that not many other people can is extremely satisfying. This boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, especially in girls.
  • Promotes community. Anyone who has been around CrossFit knows that community is a huge part of CrossFit. Coming together and doing a killer workout promotes camaraderie like few other events in life.

Youth CrossFit gives kids something to do. It gives them goals and something to aim for in life. It gives them hope and motivation as new challenges arise, and they overcome those challenges. CrossFit will give your kids skills that will translate into life. When hardships come and obstacles hinder your child in life, the skills they learn from CrossFit will be invaluable.

Fit2Serve CrossFit in Las Vegas is not your average CrossFit box. While we are all here to get in a killer workout, we are focused more on the health and wellness of our members as a whole. Our mission is to become fit both physically and spiritually, so we can serve others. We work to develop the inner athlete as well as the outside self. We are heavily involved in our community, looking to help others in many ways, from serving at Christmas Teas to performing random acts of kindness. Fit2Serve believes in helping others find their God-given purpose. Contact us today!