Crossfit is one of the most challenging workouts that you can participate in. The workouts will push you till you think you’ve hit your limit, you will sweat to the point that your clothes are soaked through, and your body will ache for days after you’ve completed a workout. While this is the case for just about every workout you’ll ever participate in, you continue to come back the following day. This is because the mindset that CrossFit requires is one of a warrior, and we know how challenging that can be. The choice you make to challenge yourself every day is one that you can benefit from in all aspects of your life.


One of the biggest things that you’ll be able to do by challenging yourself is understanding what you’re capable of. It’s easy to get a workout, and just make it to the end. But the first few times you’ll doubt that you can even do that. If you continue to challenge yourself, you’ll see that you are constantly changing what it is that you are capable of. All of a sudden a certain amount of reps won’t feel difficult and weight will get easier to work with, so continue to challenge yourself to see just what your body can do.


The feeling that you get at the end of a tough set when you’ve really pushed yourself to the max, is one that you can’t put a price on. This is something so powerful and personal that you will want to experience it time and time again, and as long as you do continue to challenge yourself you’ll see that this will be just as rewarding each and every time.

Goals Change

When you walk into the CrossFit gym you’ll start off with some standard goals; drop some pounds, learn new forms of exercise, gain some strength, you know, the usuals. While these goals are great as a starting point, we know that the more workouts that you participate in, the more your goals will change. You’ll start setting weight goals, but less in the sense of what’s on the scale and more in the sense of what you can squat.

Make sure to come and enjoy a workout at Crossfit 2 Serve so that you can continue to challenge yourself and grow. We promise you an environment where you feel challenged and supported. Check out our calendar and find a day that works for your schedule, and push yourself to the next level!