As the new year approaches, so does the concept of New Year’s resolutions. Everyone has an opinion resolutions – some are on board with it, and others think it is pointless. Whatever your stance may be, correctly-set goals are valuable … and they can be made at any time of the year.

At CrossFit 2 Serve in Las Vegas, our overall goal is achieving fitness to serve others. However, within this macro goal, you are free to set your personal goals. Well-set goals lead to success. In the next two blogs, we are going to give advice on how to set goals the right way.

Big dreams are perfect

  • Big dreams create goals. Propose the possibility of the big dream to yourself and write down all the benefits of it.
  • When you are part of CrossFit to Serve, you can add bettering your community to the list!

Figure out how to get there

  • Time for research! Do it your way. Whether it’s meeting with a professional, spending hours on the internet, or attending a presentation, there is no wrong way to learn more about your goals.
  • You’re preparing for action, and you need to stay true to yourself. Trying to be someone you aren’t is the quickest way to discouragement.

When you join CrossFit 2 Serve, you join more than just a CrossFit community: you join your entire city’s community. As a result, you get twice the fulfillment from your efforts. When you focus on others, you can reach heights of fitness otherwise impossible. Learn more today!