One of the biggest fitness trends as of late has got to be CrossFit. Its phenomenal success has been in part due to the idea it promotes whole body functional fitness. But people often wonder just where this idea came from.

The basic idea behind CrossFit is that rather than just specialize and focus on one fitness area, it would be a far better idea to create a multitude of challenges. Athletes who employ CrossFit are fit across the board, making them as fit as they can possibly be.

Due to its broad spectrum, CrossFit has many different styles of training. That is, CrossFit includes free weights, gymnastics and even sprints. CrossFit covers these ten areas of physical performance: respiratory endurance, flexibility, strength, power, stamina, balance, speed, coordination, agility and accuracy.

Celebrity fitness trainer and gymnast Greg Glassman is the person behind CrossFit. During the 1990s, as he was training police officers, he utilized a number of disciplines to better prepare his trainees. His goal was to create greater work capacity across broad time and modal domains. The CrossFit concept was born in 2000.

The workouts of the day are an integral element of CrossFit and serve to fulfill progressive, challenging and scalable workouts. CrossFit does not shy away from the idea of competition and is all about repetition and measurable performance.

By 2003, affiliate CrossFit programs were set in place. Today, there are over 3,000 affiliates worldwide and this number is sure to grow.


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