Hunter Rose

A year ago I was introduced to crossfit at a local box here in Henderson NV called crossfit 2 serve through Derek and my father in law. At that time in my life I was just coming into year one of sobriety and weighing in at 250 lbs. I was dealing a lot with physical pain, injuries from construction and still trying to recover from the damage that drugs and alcohol had done to me but praise Jesus that He delivered me from that lifestyle a year before that. So starting out fresh in crossfit, I didn’t know what it was and I thought to myself that im not a cardio kinda guy. I wanted heavy weights. Ha. I soon realized after a couple of wods that crossfit was gonna be an avenue that God was and is still using to feed my energy into. Shortly into it I was shown how to implement the zone diet. My prayer was more discipline in all aspects of my life. My walk with God, exercise and nutrition etc…

So now a year later I’m down 70 lbs and weigh 180 lbs. My very first wod was Cindy, which I’ll never forget. I did 10 rds not RX, ring rows for pull ups, bout died on push ups and didn’t know what below parallel ment on a squat. Now I am able to do Cindy RX. I always understood doing a heavy bench set or leg day but coming to a place of being ok with High reps was unheard of in my mind but through time and consistentcy my cardio went up and it did get easier even tho wods seemed to get harder. I was asked to come up with goals when I first started which looked something like; do a pull up, lose 20 lbs, run a mile, run a 5k race but a couple months into I drank the koolaid so to speak and found myself at the box alot putting in extra work after wods and even before wods to try and get better at crossfit as a whole. As the weight was coming off through the zone diet, my performance went up. Pull-ups came easier, even nailed a muscle up about 4 months into it. I could barely clean, snatch, squat and deadlift. Now my clean is up to 270, snatch is up to 200, squat is 345 and deadlift is 435. It was consistentcy of being there at the box, nutrition and health that God has given me to keep going. As well as the community at crossfit 2 serve. It is awesome and really encouraging to see strangers become family through grinding it out together and finding comanality through it. Jan 5th 2016 marks my 2 year anniversary of being freed from addictions and also a 1 year reminder of when I started doing crossfit. I am healthy and thriving again!

Greg Seymour

My name is Gregg Seymour. I am a Pastor at a non-denominational Christian fellowship in Henderson Nevada. It was in 2004 that I had become a man in his mid-forties who was on an uphill climb with body weight. My life was one of many years of addiction and body abuse. While I was released from the bondage of those sins in 1996 when I met my Lord and Savior, I still struggled with food issues in my life. My body suffered greatly, as by 2010 I had moved to 245 lbs on my 5’9” small-sized frame.

My weight was something that was really wearing on me. My waist had reached a 44” size, and even that was getting tight. I was at my end emotionally with this, and decided to put my complete effort into a weight loss program. I stuck to the program and within 3 months had dropped close to 50 lbs. I then decided to join a globo-gym around the corner. I had NEVER been in a gym in my life – in fact, I had never truly worked out in my life. After a couple of months I found myself hit with an Inguinal Hernia. This took surgery and put me 2 months out of the gym to recover from. It was then I realized – “I DON’T HAVE A CLUE ON HOW TO DO FITNESS”.

It was during this time of break that I was talking to a member of our congregation named Derek DelRosario. I had known Derek informally for over a year or so, but never spoke with him about fitness. He told me briefly about his fitness training background and said that he would love to give me guidance into a strategized program. Through his training experience I went from zero to running my first marathon in one year’s time. Through the program set forth by Derek, I was able to drop down to a weight of 160 lbs which equated to a 14” reduction in waist size. It was towards the end of 2011 that Derek informed me that beginning in 2012, the training “was not going to be harder, but different”. He told me to think about one word – “CrossFit”. I had no idea what he was talking about, but would soon find out. We joined a local CrossFit affiliate and started training. While it was on one hand the hardest thing I’d ever done, it became quickly apparent that it was also one of the most rewarding things I’d ever done. At 51 years old, Derek led me to a program that would change my entire perception of what my limitations were. I am now completely sold-out to the CrossFit training philosophy, and see the overwhelming benefits of this regimen.

Derek shared with me his vision of opening a CF box someday that would focus not just on the physical side of fitness, but on the spiritual as well. That vision immediately excited me. As a distance runner my passion is endurance, and based on that I am also excited to see how the CrossFit Endurance program and philosophy will be utilized at this box. I have been thoroughly blessed by Derek’s vast knowledge and experience in the area of fitness training. His overall expertise in exercise and nutrition has proven invaluable in my quest into endurance athletics. I endorse Derek and CrossFit 2 Serve to anyone desiring to improve overall quality of life.


Derek Del Rosario

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