“Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.”

Constantly Varied:

Variety is something we all need in our workouts. The more variety and creativity that are placed into the workouts, the more your body will develop and grow stronger. Variety in exercises, sets, reps, weight, rounds, etc. is the key to developing every component of physical fitness. It’s not your traditional globo gym workout Chest & triceps on monday….Back, Biceps & Shoulders on Tuesday….Wednesday Legs….Thursday Off….Friday Chest & triceps….Saturday Back, Biceps & Shoulder & Sunday off. That is doing the same thing and getting the same results:)

Functional Movements:

Functional movements are motor patterns that mimic human movement in everyday life. Functional movements are squats, deadlifts, pushes, pulls, lunges, rotational movements. They are not single-joint movements but rather multi-joint movements. They are safe, develop very powerful and useful core strength, provide tremendous neurological response, and are the best cardio and best rehab training you can do. Functional movements move from core to extremity and can tolerate high loads and move them long distances in a short amount of time.  Functional training provides the body with a stimulus that is unmatched. These movements will improve the quality of life of everyone who performs them and will teach people how to move their bodies more efficiently and effectively in all life’s endeavors.  From elite athletes looking to improve their performance in a particular sport to a grandmother seeking to gain strength to pick up her grandkids from the floor to over her head, functional training is the answer to improving the overall health and well-being of everyone, no matter what level of fitness.


Intensity is all about hard and fast. How hard and how fast depends on your fitness level. All workouts are scaled to your level of intensity. Intensity is where the results are! Guaranteed! Most CrossFit warm ups are people’s high intensity workouts:)

Watch Video and you will start to understand what Contantly Varied, Functional Movements & High Intensity means

CrossFit vs Globo Gym

Saturday 8/17/13 WOD

Great WOD today just allow time for ice bath!

3 x 5k @ 7 min rest   after run do the following

Strength: Every Minute On The Minute for 10 min

Deadlift 5 reps @ 135lb – 225lb