Hello CrossFit 2 Serve athletes! As we close out this year I want to encourage everyone to sprint towards the finish line! Start looking at how this year has gone and how many goals we have knocked off the board, if some of our goals are still in reach go after it don’t quit now! I am in the same boat I need to walk 20ft on my hands and I have only 10ft, but I am going to be working on it everyday. As we end out the year there has been awesome gains all across the board with many athletes! So as we start to look at 2015 and what our goals are going to actually be, lets remember in setting our new goals make sure that they are measurable, observable & repeatable this is “evidence based fitness”. Example of measurable is to run a 1 mile under 10min, example of what measurable is not is to:run feeling comfortable breathing! Example of observable is having a mile ran under 10 min and having it viewed by a coach. It will be hard for a coach to determine if the athletes breathing has gotten better by a certain time. Example of repeatable is that we can measure how fast the athlete can run a mile in the beginning of the year and then repeat the same test at the end of the year! It will be tuff to repeat a breathing test in the beginning of the year and then retest at the end of the year, it can be done but we don’t have the equipment to test it! When looking at setting goals we must set our goals on these major groups first before diving into any other advance goals! Nutrition, body fat loss, 1 mile run, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, air squats, dips, mobility, double unders, box jumps to name a few! In order for you to become more efficient in CrossFit these goals have to be achieved! So when setting our new goals for 2015 keep this list in mind and ask yourself which of these are the most important and if you need help with your goal setting please come see me, I would love to help. Here are must reads if you are going to take CrossFit seriously! Must Reads:     What Is Fitness?        What is CrossFit?
I know some of us have been really sore from the Karen workout on Friday and I just want to remind everyone when ever you are sore don’t stop moving! What I mean is the next day from a heavy squat day or a long run you must have some kind of activity like a light jog, air squats, rowing, mobilizing to name a few and of course ice! Here is a great article on soreness Click Here
I also thought that I would give everyone a heads up when the day would be that we would do the 12 days of Christmas workout and that will be Saturday December 12th at 8am! I know what your thinking how can I schedule something for that day so I don’t have to show up. Just remember athletes train different, eat different, think different and endure differently than most, that is why we CrossFit, thats why we are set apart!  This workout is everyone for those that are still in the foundation course as well! This will also be Pastor Greggs Birthday on December 20th, so we will have a little extra bonus for him:)
P.S Make sure you have your 2015 goals turned in by December 20th!