Hello CF2S Athletes, The Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday September 13th at 8am! Here is a great testimonial from a client at another box about the challenge.  Click Here

This a great challenge that will allow us to stay accountable going into the winter months! I have found over the years in fitness majority of people start to get complacent as the holidays get closer. This is the time when we need to get aggressive with our yearly goals. Here is the question what is your goal? Second, are your actions lining up with what your goals say on the board? Any challenge in life brings on change and this is why we CrossFit to bring on change! We have a chance in these 56 days to start to form new habits and make health & fitness part of our lifestyle not a daily chore!
So I invite you to join me in this 56 day challenge, as we help each other achieve the goals that we have talked about! Here are my goals that I have listed on the board for the end of the year!
1. Have 25 members run in a 10k race by the end of the year
2. To walk on my hands 20ft
3. To do 10 muscle ups
4. To have a youth outreach
Remember: Anyone that has done something great did not do it by just talking about it!