Don’t forget Sit Up Challenge for August….Day 25…..135 sit ups

 Serving Challenge for August:…. Choose a organization that you can serve your time at one day this month!
Great time this weekend serving the homeless at the Downtown Outreach

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  1. Thou shall treat others as they would like to be treated!
  2. Thou shall come to every class mentally and emotionally prepared! (Have a great attitude)
  3. Thou shall have a Goal: Short term & Long Term! (Without a Goal Discipline is Self Punishment)
  4. Thou shall do a minimum of 20 min of mobility daily! (Listen to your body…don’t ignore injuries)
  5. Thou shall not use foul language!
  6. Thou shall communicate with other members (know who you are sweating next to!)
  7. Thou shall arrive early…stay late…and practice, practice, practice!
  8. Thou shall log their workouts and thoughts daily!
  9. Thou shall have no excuses (Get comfortable with the discomfort)
  10. Thou shall do something each month….that would inspire the CF2S Community!


Suggested reads:     What Is Fitness?        What is CrossFit?

 Goals: If you are not on the goal board please let me know so I can take your picture. I also need you to write down 3-4 measurable goals that you will obtain by the end of the year. Example getting in shape is not a goal, what is a goal is something that we can all measure 5k run, max box jump, double unders , a number of reps of any exercise is a goal!

Zen Planner: Make sure that you log onto our new workout system and upload picture and personal info into your profile!.

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