The games will be held on Saturday November 22 and there will be a mens, womens, & teens event and each category will have a RX group and a not RX group, each group will have a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prize! We will start to have more high intense pressure situations to get everyone ready for the games. Below are the qualifications to be in the RX group which means prescribed at the highest weight for each workout!
We also wanted to announce that our one year anniversary for CF2S is coming up in October! We are asking for you to join us October 25th at 11am for a Bar-Bque and workout! This event is available to the public so please invite a friend and have them join us in a nice friendly Wod that day. There will be a sign up sheet in the gym so we can get a accurate number of who is coming:)
Last but not least we have gotten a lot of request for sweatshirts well here they are, now we just have to put the order in! Please let us know which color and size so we can order accordingly, the cost will be $30 each and the sizes are S,M,L,XL,XXL!
RX Weight For Games! If can’t do all of them then you will be in the not RX group

Back Squat – 185# Men/115# Women

Deadlifts – 185# Men/115# Woman

Push Press- 105# Men/75# Woman

Clean – 115# Men/75# Woman

Snatch- 75# Men/55# Woman

Thruster – 95# Men x5/65# Woman x5

Box Jump – 24” Men/20” Woman

Wall Ball – 20# Men x10 unbroken/ 14# Woman x10 unbroken

Jump Rope – Singles

KB Swings – 53# Men/36# Woamn

Run 11min Mile

Burpees – 12 burpees per minute