Well it is about that time for the start up for the Whole Life Challenge January 17th. This is a eight week challenge that is done worldwide that our gym has taken part in several times now and our members have found some great success in taking part in this challenge! So I invite you to come join us as we start to transform our lives from the inside out over these eight weeks! Here is the link that will give you more detail about the challenge and we will be sending more info as we get closer! Whole Life Challenge

Here is a video of our gym taking part in last years challenge…..CF2S Challenge
P.S We are also placing one more Progenex supplement order before the end of the year! Here is a link to view Progenex recovery protein and pre workout drink…..click here

 We also wanted to ask anyone who may know of anyone that might be blessed by receiving a  Christmas gift for their kids this holiday season. We will have gifts available for those families that have kids in the range of 3-10 years old! We would like to distribute them this Saturday after the Wod, so please contact me by phone or email if you or someone that you may know of, would be blessed with a wrapped Christmas gift!

If you have not made a profile on Beyond The Whiteboard please do so! This is a free service to our members and very useful if you are looking to improve your fitness:) ..BTWB
Also to view the next days Wod you must go to our website at www.crossfit2serve.com and click on Training then click on Wod/Blog

P.S Make sure you turn your 2015 fitness goals in!
Christmas Eve = 5am & 6am class
Christmas = Closed
Friday December 26th = one class at 10am
Saturday December 27th = One class at 8am
Monday december 29th = regular schedule
Tuesday December 30th= regular schedule
Wednesday December 31st= 5am & 6am
Thursday January 1st = 10am 5 k and 1mi run
Friday January 2nd = 5am & 6am class
Saturday January 3rd = 10:30am class