Are you having trouble with externally driving knees out? Are you having trouble with pitching forward onto toes? Are you having knee problems? Is your core weak? Do you want more flexibility ?

This video will help with your squat! You will need for the next months challenge:)

July Fitness Challenge starts Tuesday July 1st!

                      – Lower body fat -Tighter abs -Leaner legs -Tighter butt – Increased strength -Improved flexibility

Day 1- 30 squats
Day 2- 40 squats
Day 3- 50 squats
Day 4- 60 squats
Day 5- 70 squats
Day 6- 80 squats
Day 7- REST DAY!
Day 8- 90 squats
Day 9- 100 squats
Day 10- 110 squats
Day 11- 120 squats
Day 12- 130 squats
Day 13- 140 squats
Day 14- REST DAY!
Day 15- 150 squats
Day 16- 160 squats
Day 17- 170 squats
Day 18- 180 squats
Day 19- 190 squats
Day 20- 200 squats
Day 21- REST DAY!
Day 22- 220 squats
Day 23- 230 squats
Day 24- 240 squats
Day 25- 250 squats
Day 26- 260 squats
Day 27- REST DAY!!
Day 28- 265 squats
Day 29- 270 squats
Day 30- 300 squats

Member Info: Great job everyone on the Whole Life Challenge:)

 Goals: If you are not on the goal board please let me know so I can take your picture. I also need you to write down 3-4 measurable goals that you will obtain by the end of the year. Example getting in shape is not a goal, what is a goal is something that we can all measure 5k run, max box jump, double unders , a number of reps of any exercise is a goal!

Ragnar: We are still looking for one more runner for our Ragnar team!

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15 min

Back Squat : 1 Rep Max


The Crippler

For time:
30 Back Squats, 1x bodyweight
Run, 1 mi