Mobility class will be every Saturday at 10:15 immediately following Power Hour! The cost will be $5 per class for members and $15 for non members, the non members must be invited by a member! If this was something that you for sure wanted to do every Saturday then we will cut the cost by having a $15 add on to your membership saving you $5 a month!

We are asking all members to log their numbers at the gym! If your numbers are not logged or sent in to me by text or email by Sunday you will not be credited the following week for your work!

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P.S Don’t forget about March’s challenge which is taking place April 11th at the Downtown Outreach!
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Split Jerk 5-3-3-2-1

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.

Rest as needed between sets.


Runs, Thrusters, Box Jump (24 in.)s
For Time:
1200 mRun
Thruster RX:65/45
Box Jump (24 in.)
1200 m Run