Quick Word For The Day

Hello CF2S Athletes as we start to head into the fourth month of the year, I wanted everyone to start recognizing what they put down as their goals for the year! If you have a running goal but have not ran this year outside of the Wods this could pose a problem. If you have a pull up goal but have not spent time on the progression of a pull up this could pose a problem as well.

As we go into the second quarter of the year it is important that we start to ramp up the training , this means inside the Wods and outside as well. If you need help with programming a structure routine to help get you to your goals, please let me know I would be happy to help.

I am noticing too many times in the Wods that we are not challenging ourselves by putting on more weight. We are getting to wrapped up in the clock, and on paper it looks great like we came in 1st in every Wod, but we are really cheating ourselves from getting stronger and in better shape.

Real quick story: When I turned 14 yrs old I ended the year top 20 in the country in boys 14 and under in Tennis. I was comfortable winning every weekend. The next year my dad put me in the boys 18 and under and that whole year I  got my butt kicked–all year. The following year I stayed in the boys 18 and under and ended up top 10 in CA. I was only able to progress because I was challenged at a level that was uncomfortable.

The point of the story is don’t be afraid to go to that uncomfortable point….because this will make you a better athlete physically and mentally! I always say get comfortable with the discomfort 🙂

Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction the heart of a man is haughty, And before honor is humility.

With that said here is Aprils Challenge:

Ascending burpee ladder for 27 Days.

Starting Friday April 4th – Wed April 30th.

They can be broken up through the day,

Except 50, 100, 150 and 180 are for time 🙂

 1st Day 10…6th Day 40…10th Day 70…15th Day 100…20th Day 130…25th Day 160

2nd Day 20…7th Day 50…11th..Day 80…16th Day 110…21st Day 140…26th Day 170

3rd Day 30…8th Day 60…12th Day 90…17th Day 120…22nd Day 150…27day 180:)

4th Day 40…9th Day 70…13th Day 100…18th Day 130…23rd Day 160

5th Day off…10th Day Off…14th Day Off …19th Day off…24th Day Off

 Upcoming Events

Watch Video  Pose Running ESPN

CrossFit Endurance

Hello CF2S members our CrossFit Endurance class will be on Tuesdays  at 6am and will also be on Saturdays at 8am.

We teach our Athletes that endurance training is much more about going hard than it is about going far (LSD training is dead!). The phrase “Do it Right, Do it Faster, Do it Longer” serves as a mission statement of sorts for our endurance training program. Forget marathon training that translates into running 40 miles per week and feeling weak and/or injured throughout. Training for an endurance race doesn’t have to be a part-time job that negatively affects all other areas your life. We will work with you to become more efficient, stronger and faster. We think you will even, gasp, enjoy the journey.


($50 Due April 5th…..We only have 4 out of 12 spots available)

Attention Crossfit2Serve Members and Friends:

It’s time to get the plan for

Ragnar Las Vegas 2014! Race Date: November 7-8

Those of you that are interested in being on our team a deposit of $50 is due on April 5, 2014 and the remaining $65 is due in June!

  •   Ragnar is a 30-36 hour run performed by a 12 person relay team.
  •  Different length legs are available to suit the level of different runners.
  •  We will be training together throughout the year to build up to this.Come and find out how we can come together as a community and take this challenge on.
  • This race will cover 198 miles that will be divided amongst 12 people in two days ! It is important to start training with our Endurance team on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds, 1 min per station, of:
Wall Ball, 20/14 lbs, 10 ft
Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 75/55 lbs
Box Jump, 20 in
Push Press, 75/55 lbs
Row             Cal
Rest 1 min after every round and write score down