Hello CF2S athletes! As we start to close in on summer I wanted to encourage everyone to start realizing what goals they have put on the board! Once you start realizing what they are next thing is to write out a plan of action!

You cannot possibly know where it is you want to be if you do not know where you want to go. Your life would be like a sailboat with no rudder floating aimlessly on the ocean of life. Well, its goals that gives us direction. Our goals come from our desires or wants. If you sit quietly and listen to yourself about what it is that you want you will then find direction. Sadly, the majority of the population don’t set goals for their lives.

When we apply goal setting to life it gives us direction. Once we have direction, we can make a plan to attain the goal. Have you ever heard the saying, “failure to plan is planning to fail’? Having a goal with no plan of action is sure failure. Our gym motto is “Without a Goal Discipline is Self Punishment”

Here are six questions the best part is there is no wrong answer! These questions are all about you and what you want! Under each question I put my answers so you can see my challenges and what I do to stop the unwanted behaviors.

1. What do I want my healthy life to look like?
Strong & Fit From The Inside Out                           

2. Why is my health important to me?

To serve God when He calls me to do something spiritually or Physically! To not be limited by my health to do things with my family! To minister to the youth of today with the gifts God has given me!

So I can live a life of quality and enjoy God, family & friends!

3. What is my health plan?
Eat healthful foods daily, exercise daily, drink plenty of water and have fun doing it

4. What habits sabotage my health plan?
Not preparing my meals the night before! Late night eating! My solution is to turn off the lights in the kitchen at night and eat plenty of nutritious food during the day

5. What are my health strengths and weakness?
I am consistent and feel my best when I exercise and eat healthy. Late night eating and binge eating

This last question is perhaps one of the easiest ways to become aware of what you are eating and why you are eating it.

6. What will this food do for my health?
This is the question I ask myself before every meal! Everything we eat creates a hormonal response in our bodies and that response is ultimately under our control!

I have found breaking down larger goals into smaller at the moment attainable goals has always helped me to achieve my ultimate goals and you will too!



Back Squats 6×5


Chipper: 1 mi, Double Unders, Sit Ups, 3 and more
For time:
Run, 1 mi
80 Double Unders
60 Sit Ups
40 Toes-to-bars
20 Overhead Squats, 135/95 lbs
Rest 3 mins
50 Bar Dips