Well it is about that time for the start up for the Whole Life Challenge January 17th. This is a eight week challenge that is done worldwide that our gym has taken part in several times now and our members have found some great success in taking part in this challenge! So I invite you to come join us as we start to transform our lives from the inside out over these eight weeks! Here are two links that will give you more detail about the challenge and we will be sending more info as we get closer!  Whole Life Challenge ……….Click here to join our team!
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January’s Burpee Challenge

Ascending burpee ladder for 27 Days. Starting Thursday Januray 1st – Saturday January 31st. They can be broken up through out he day, Except 50,100, and 150 are for time in the gym by a coach:) Most of you remember this challenge in April and how much stronger it made you. So just remember to get the best results do your burpees in one sitting, think of a rep scheme and break them up. One way you can do them is how many in one minute and then take 1min rest! As you move through the month you will find that your recovery will drastically improve! There are NO make up days……once you miss a day you are out of the challenge:)

1st day 10                            14th day 100           27th day 190

2nd day 20                           15th day 110           28th day 200

3rd day 30                             16th day 120         29th day 210

4th day off                             17th day 130         30th day 220

5th day 30                             18th day off           31st day 230

6th day 40                             19th day 130

7th day 50                             20th day 140

8th day 60                             21st day 150

9th day 70                             22nd day 160

10th day 80                           23rd day 170

11th day off                           24th day  180

12th day 80                           25th day  off

13th day 90                           26th day  180



For time:

10 Shoulder Press, 115 lbs

15 Overhead Squats, 115 lbs

20 Push Press, 115 lbs

25 Front Squats, 115 lbs

30 Push Jerks, 115 lbs

35 Back Squats, 115 lbs