Hello CF2S athletes! Congratulations to the two winners of last months yep review challenge! Hunter Rose & Shannon scholten who one 3 private personal training sessions!

Next months challenge starts tomorrow July 2nd and goes till July 31st!
Rules of Challenge:
Must log each workout & have one of the coaches view the workout! If you are not at the gym you must have the workout video taped & sent in to info@crossfit2serve.com!
There are NO make up days! Each day is as follows on the poster below! Must mark days off by each persons name on the bulletin board in the gym. If you do not have a video sent in each day or your day marked off on the bulletin board by a coach you will be out of the challenge! If your phone storage is filled up like mine is now is the time to empty it:)
Who could tell me what muscle group we are challenging besides our abs? Think out of the box:)
ab challenge
A) With a continuously running clock perform:
1 Pull-up in the first 1 min,
2 Pull-ups in the second 1 min
B) Tabatta (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest – 4 minutes): –
Wall Ball Situps (20/14 lbs) – rest 1 minute –
Box Jumps (24/20″)- rest 1 minute –
Russian Kettlebell Swings