never know your limits
Great job everyone today! It looks like everyone is starting to bring their number for the strength component:) Just a reminder to everyone that it is great to finish first in the Wods, but the reason why we CrossFit is to get stronger! In today’s Wod the HSPU should of been the hardest part of the workout, but some of us did get frustrated with how long it took to get through each rep! When this happens in the workout we must stay focus and use our recovery no matter how long it is taking us. This may seem frustrating seeing others pass us, but the goal is not to win each wod. Instead we should think about what new thing did we take away from this wod!
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Deadlift 6×5
4 rounds for time of:
Med Ball Run, 20/14 lbs,400 m
40 Overhead Walking Lunges, 20/14 lbs
20 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs