July Fitness Challenge starts Tuesday July 1st

  – Lower body fat -Tighter abs -Leaner legs -Tighter butt – Increased     strength -Improved flexibility

Day 1- 30 squats
Day 2- 40 squats
Day 3- 50 squats
Day 4- 60 squats
Day 5- 70 squats
Day 6- 80 squats
Day 7- REST DAY!
Day 8- 90 squats
Day 9- 100 squats
Day 10- 110 squats
Day 11- 120 squats
Day 12- 130 squats
Day 13- 140 squats
Day 14- REST DAY!
Day 15- 150 squats
Day 16- 160 squats
Day 17- 170 squats
Day 18- 180 squats
Day 19- 190 squats
Day 20- 200 squats
Day 21- REST DAY!
Day 22- 220 squats
Day 23- 230 squats
Day 24- 240 squats
Day 25- 250 squats
Day 26- 260 squats
Day 27- REST DAY!!
Day 28- 265 squats
Day 29- 270 squats
Day 30- 300 squats


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 Goals: If you are not on the goal board please let me know so I can take your picture. I also need you to write down 3-4 measurable goals that you will obtain by the end of the year. Example getting in shape is not a goal, what is a goal is something that we can all measure 5k run, max box jump, double unders , a number of reps of any exercise is a goal!

Ragnar: We are still looking for one more runner for our Ragnar team!

Beyond The Whiteboard: If you are in regular class you should be logging your workouts on BTWB. If you are not on there please let me know, and I will assist you through the navigation process. You can also log in from our websites home page by clicking the icon.

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  1. Snatch: 1 Rep Max
    -Rest as needed
    -25 Minutes to establish a max


  1. For Time:
    -Run 800 Meters
    -21 Overhead Squats (135/95#)